Store Locator

ExpressionEngine 3.xModule3.0.0

The ExpressionEngine Store Locator module makes it easy for developers and site administrators to add proximity based store and dealer searches.

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  • Automatically geocode store address when adding a new store.
  • Import/export stores.
  • Geocode cache prevents repeat lookups preserving your geocoding limit with the Google Maps API (up to 2500 per IP address per day).
  • Choose Miles or Kilometers as your unit of distance.
  • 10 custom fields with custom labels allows you to add your own attributes.
  • Pagination for search results.
  • Support for all countries.


Store Locator is compatible with the following ExpressionEngine features:

  • Multi-Site Manager


  • PHP >5.3
  • ExpressionEngine 2.x - 3.x



  1. Why is my Google map not showing up?
    You must make sure that you have given the #map-canvas element a height greater than zero in your CSS or the map will not be rendered.
  2. Can I add my own fields?
    Yes, there are 10 custom fields per location that you can use however you wish.
  3. Does the Store Locator module have international support?
    Yes, the Store Locator module will work everywhere that has Google Maps Geocoding API support. For more information, please refer to Google's coverage spreadsheet.
  4. How do I use Google Maps with the Store Locator Module?
    Click here to see how to integrate Google Maps with the Store Locator Module.



  1. Unzip contents of zip file to system/expressionengine/third_party
  2. Log in to the control panel and go to Add-Ons ยป Modules
  3. You should see an entry for "Store Locator". Click "Install" to install the module